Dealing With Aggressive Behaviour - Details

Registration for this event is open from: 20 November 2017 10:00 - 22 March 2018 10:00
Where: Chelmsford, Chelmsford CM1 (UK).

Venue to be confirmed - please check back closer to the date of the course

Date: 22 March 2018 - 22 March 2018
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Event description:

When confronted with aggressive or challenging behaviour it is easy for us to respond in a like way - learn how to overcome this natural reaction and develop the skills and techniques to bring the interaction round to ‘adult’ and constructive dialogue



This course enables participants to develop different techniques to resolve conflict.  By exploring different types of behaviour and the types of responses this behaviour elicits, we will be able to identify the most effective ways of dealing with disruptive or aggressive behaviour.


We’ll cover:

  • Assessing your own response to aggressive or challenging behaviour
  • Identifying different types of aggressive or challenging behaviour
  • The importance of body language and personal space in conflict situations
  • Cultural considerations
  • Conflict resolution models and communication skills
  • Warning signs, prevention and risk assessments
  • De-escalation skills


Benefits to you

By the end of the session you will feel much more confident in your ability to reduce tension, enabling constructive dialogue and taking into consideration the needs, well-being and rights of all concerned. The course will be highly interactive with a range of individual, small and large group exercises. This will include role play, ensuring participants are able to practise the necessary skills in a safe and supportive environment.


"Informative, instructive course delivered with professionalism and a thorough understanding of the subject."
Jen Snow, Craftable Not for Profit Group, Southend

"I feel that this training was very effective, thought provoking and individualised. Thank you."
Kallie Orchard, HARP Homelessness Charity, Southend


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