Effective Communication For Teams - Details

Registration for this event is open from: 11 December 2017 08:00 - 13 March 2018 08:00
Where: Colchester, Colchester (UK).

Venue to be confirmed - please check back closer to the date of the course

Date: 13 March 2018 - 13 March 2018
Time: 10:00 - 16:30
Event description:


Why do we find it so easy to get on with some people yet struggle to click with others? In a work setting we’re required to get along with everybody whether a peer, a manager or someone we manage. So it’s helpful to understand what makes other people ‘tick’.

This fascinating and personalised workshop explores the one-to-one interactions we have with other people and how to have better conversations with them.

The course includes a DISC personality profile for each participant which will be completed during the workshop.


We'll cover:

  • What my DISC personal profile reveals about my preferred style of communication
  • What this information means for me day to day
  • How do my strengths sometimes work ‘for’ and sometimes ‘against’ me?
  • How do other people read me?
  • How stuck am I in my profile?
  • How to identify the preferences of other people
  • Ways to work with different types of people
  • How to make practical use of these insights back in the workplace


Benefits to you

By the end of this workshop you will understand yourself better and how you might be coming across to others. You will have greater ability to identify the communication preferences of those around you, both at work and elsewhere and know how to flex your communication to have better conversations. Further more you will be able to help your colleagues with their understanding of communication preferences, to everyone’s benefit.